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Stef project info


I was assigned to photograph couples living in Rotterdam and this is how I met Danielle, Jeannette and their son Stef. After the assignment a friendship arose between me and Stef’s mums, and after a while the idea came up to start this project about Stef and his family, and to portray him growing up.

Stef is raised by his mothers Danielle and Jeannette and lives in Rotterdam, but he also has two dads, Sander and Didier, and two foster brothers, Luciano and Mhenze, who live in Amersfoort. His mothers are his parents and they are responsible for his upbringing and education, but he regularly spends his weekends in Amersfoort and every year he spends a holiday with his fathers and brothers.

In the coming years I plan to follow and document Stef, by temporarily becoming part of his family; celebrating his birthday, going on holiday with them or simply spending my summer evening in their backyard.