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Memories of Tomorrow · Marlike Marks · Portret en documentaire fotograaf · Rotterdam

Memories of Tomorrow

Memories of Tomorrow

In the context of being in a new relationship I often ponder the strange way memories work. Over time memories are being formed, but despite the intensity of our experiences, they will always fade as time goes by.

With this series I reverse the origin of memories and create images of things to come. A picture not only has the ability to evoke memories, through image I could even create memories from scratch. On Polaroid I capture vulnerable, elusive moments of closeness and connection in a dreamy way; fleeting, like long forgotten thoughts or vaguely remembered feelings.

The series is very personal and intimate, but could, at the same time, be about everyone; a universal dream world. Over time, the polaroids will feel more dreamed then real, blurred and out of focus, like memories faded with time. These pictures are not made to remember the actual event, they're much more about treasuring my feelings and emotions.

Upcoming exhibition

  • Huis van de Fotografie, Rotterdam, 18 - 19 December 2021
  • Book your ticket for the opening on Eventbrite

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The Memories of Tomorrow Boxset is now available for pre-order through The boxset is handmade in a limited edition of 50 copies. Each box contains 20 high quality reproductions and one original polaroid made in the process of this series. 

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